For more than 2 years, Path to humanity has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the rights of women and awareness for the children's education. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money.





Child Education:

  • We train teachers and other school personnel to improve the quality of education while linking education programs to interventions in health, nutrition and livelihoods to better address the reasons children don't attend school. We also help communities to assess and overcome their unique barriers to learning.
  • Providing awareness, information and guidelines to the people about importance and means of children education. Taking initiatives to establish schools and arrange summer camps to inculcate a different vision for the bright future
  • Increasing enrollment through re-integration of dropouts of students (girls & boys) through capacity building and awareness raising campaigns.

Women Empowerment:

  • Girls Education: School gives girls a chance at life, especially in areas of Pakistan where child marriage, early motherhood and poverty are the only other options. We work to remove obstacles keeping girls from leading healthy, empowered lives.
  • Vocational training for poverty alleviation:These training Center for women and girls imparting free stitching and cutting skill to needy women and girls in the different area's of Pakistan , this training incorporates cutting,stitching,beautician and fashion designing courses for the duration of 03 months.

    • Health Programs:We arrange different health programs regarding
      1)  Maternal Health program
      2)  Child Survival program
      3)  Family Planning program
      3)  Water Access and Usage 
      4)  HIV and AIDS Education
      5)  Preventive Care
      6)  Mother and Child Health program
      7)  T.B dotes awareness seminars
      8)  Nutrition seminars
      9)  Polio eradication programs
      10)Dengue awareness camps and seminars.
      11)Basic health awareness seminars
  • Prevention of trafficking in women and girls with:
    Victim Protection, Support & Assistance programs.
    Prevention of Trafficking through Seminars.
    Guidelines for Developing a Training Program
    Education and awareness raising.
    Training programs and technical corporation.

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