• To organize and capacitate all the sections of society especially women and children
  • Provide them economic and social opportunities to women and children
  • Promote democratic institutions and social mobilization so that they could established a collective and peaceful struggle for a just society.
  • Strengthen women as a rights holder to claim their rights and redefine existing parameters of state and society.
  • Advocate and mobilize for gender equality and social justice, promoting equitable policies and practices from the local to the global and back again.
  • Hold the state accountable for equal rights, security and dignity of all and sustainable and equitable use of resources.
  • Flourish as an inclusive, vibrant pro-active feminist society.
  • To educate women about physical and mental harassment.
  • To aware youth about drugs and other addictive things.
  • To help youth in acquiring tolerance and peaceful mind with the help of seminars and counseling.
  • To facilitate and strengthen civil society groups and networks for promoting trust and collaboration among citizens to mobilize public pressure for women’s empowerment in the country.

Our Mission